Traffic Coatings System


ECEM-DECK is a solventless, 100% solid, two component, epoxy-polyurethane membrane coating system. ECEM-DECK is a seamless impermeable membrane coating system, which was specifically designed to protect substrates against water infiltration. This membrane exhibits high elongation and a high resistance to tearing. This system has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

This system is composed of:

  1. A coat of primer ECE-WDP
  2. A coat of ECE-WM 20-30 mils
  3. First wear coat of ECE-60 20-25 mils with partial aggregate broadcast
  4. Second wear coat of ECE-60 20-25 mils with full aggregate broadcast
  5. Third wear coat of ECE-60 20-25 mils with partial aggregate broadcast
  6. Option: Top coat of ECU-PTC (aliphatic coating with UV protection)
Aggregate grade Application area 2. 3. 4. 5.
no 28 Parking area X X
no 28 Circulation lanes X X X
no 28 Turns X X X
no 28-16(aggressive) Ramps X X X

Primary Applications

  • Parking deck on structural concrete slabs
  • Balcony terraces
  • Mechanical rooms


  • Contains no solvent with a very low VOC content, allowing for interior applications without harmful odors
  • Impermeable and seamless
  • Seamless coves can be shaped
  • Superior flexibility
  • Excellent adhesive properties, allowing for application on a wide variety of substrates
  • May apply several layers on itself with excellent adhesion