Epoxy 3 Component Troweled Covebase Kit


ECE-TC is a 3 component epoxy trowel mortar system, applied at thicknesses between 3mm-6mm (1/8in-1/4in), and designed to protect new or deteriorated floors. ECE-TC provides excellent resistance against compression, abrasion, impacts and chemicals. ECE-TC meets all kinds of requirements such as durability, performance as well as aesthetics. Seamless plinths are optional. This seamless coating from Elite Coatings offers an unlimited choice of color, and a smooth or non-slip finish can be achieved using very fine to very aggressive aggregates. This system has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

This system is composed of:

  1. Primer coat (ECE-LV)
  2. Base coat 3mm-6mm (1/8in-1/4in)
  3. 1st sealing grout coat (ECE-OP) clear 15-25 mils
  4. 2nd sealing grout coat (ECE-OP) clear 15-25 mils
  5. Top coat (ECE-CLEAR) colored 10-15 mils
  6. Optional 2nd top coat of (ECU-PTC) 3-8 mils
  7. Cove base are optional

$77.381 Gallon Kit


Primary Applications

  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Areas of heavy equipment assembly
  • Heavy traffic circulation areas
  • Repair deteriorated floors
  • Food industry
  • Changing rooms
  • Food processing plant
  • Workshops


  • Contains 100% solids, allowing for interior applications without harmful odors
  • Ideal for repairing and reinforcing concrete surfaces
  • Impermeable and seamless
  • Seamless coves can be shaped
  • Dense surface resistant to bacteria and moisture and easy to clean
  • Excellent adhesive properties, allowing for application on a wide variety of substrates
  • May apply several layers on itself with excellent adhesion

Technical Data

Packaging 26 kg Color
A: 1.9 liters B: 0.9 liters C: 22.7 kg Part A Part B Part C Mixture
Recommended Thickness Clear Clear – Amber Sand Wet sand
Primer: ECE-LV 200 ft² us gal Shelf Life
Base coat per unit 17 ft2 at a thickness of 6mm (¼ in) 12 months in original unopened factory sealed containers. Keep away from extreme cold, heat, or moisture. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from fire hazards.
Sealing coat 64-106 ft² us gal per coat
Top coat 106-160 ft² us gal
Optional aliphatic topcoat 200-500 ft² us gal
Mix Ratio by volume
A : B : C = 1.8 L / .9L / 22.7kg (aggregate)
*Please note that the indicated mileage is calculated for flat surfaces. A porous or imperfect surface will require more material in order to cover the same mileage.
Pot life (150g) VOC (g/litre) Density (kg/litre)
ECE-LV: 60-65 minutes 25°C ECE-LV: 41.77 Part A Part B Part C Mixture
Solids by weight % Recommended Thinner Clear: 1.10-1.12 0.9-1.0
100% xylene Colored: 1.10-1.15 0.9-1.0
Substrate Temperature 10°C 20°C 30°C
Waiting Time / Overcoatability (min / max) 24  / 72 8 / 48 5 / 24
Curing Details Foot traffic
Light traffic
Full cure and chemical resistance 10 days 7 days 5 days
*Note: Times and data mentioned are based on laboratory conditions. Field results may vary and will be affected by changing ambient conditions, especially changes in temperature and relative humidity.