Waterborne Urethane Cementitious Self Level Mortar


EC-WUCSL is a self-leveling, medium to heavy duty, three-components, water dispersed polyurethane-based cement and aggregate screed system. Installed at a thickness between 3/16″ to 1/4″ (4.5mm -6mm), EC-WUCSL is designed to protect new or deteriorated floors. EC-WUCSL provides excellent resistance against compression, abrasion, impacts and chemicals. EC-WUCSL meets all kinds of requirements such as durability and performance, as well as thermal shock resistance where pressure cleaning at high temperatures is required. This coating from Elite Coatings offers a choice of anti-slip finish, from very fine to very aggressive, by broadcasting silica sand into the wet coating. This system has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). EC-WUCSL also meets FDA and USDA requirements.

This system is composed of:

  1. Base coat (EC-WUCSL) 4.5-6mm
  2. Option 1 – full broadcast with natural sand
  3. Application of topcoat (EC-WUCT OR EC-WUCT-30)
  4. Option 2 – full broadcast with colored quartz aggregates
  5. Application of topcoat (ECU-UVR)
  6. Cove base are optional

$159.524.7 Kilogram Kit


Primary Applications

  • Food processing plants
  • Dry or humid food sector
  • Refrigerated area
  • Freezers
  • Refineries
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Laboratories
  • Areas of light to heavy manufacturing
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Areas of high circulation


  • Low odor, allows for interior applications without harmful odors
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Ideal for correcting and reinforcing concrete surfaces
  • Superior compression strength
  • Impact resistant
  • Impermeable and seamless
  • Seamless coves can be shaped
  • Dense surface resistant to bacteria and moisture and easy to clean
  • Excellent adhesive properties, allowing for application on a wide variety of substrates
  • May apply several layers on itself with excellent adhesion

Technical Data

Packaging Color
    Part A Part B Part C Mixture
Self-Levelling Version WUCT-CSL: 19.4 kg / 42.77 lbs
CSL Part A:4.7 kg (10.36 lbs)
CSL Part B:4.7 kg (10.36 lbs)
CSL Part C:10 kg (22.04 lbs)
3 colors available:
Amber White Same as Part A
Trowel Version WUCT-CT: 14.7 kg / 32.40 lbs
CSL Part A:2.35 kg (5.18 lbs)
CSL Part B:2.35 kg (5.18 lbs)
CSL Part C:10 kg (22.04 lbs)
Mix Ratio by volume
A : B : C= Mix full units
Yield (WUCT-CSL)
WUCT-CSL Option 1: 1.4m2 (15ft2) per unit at 6mm (1/4in)
WUCT-CSL Option 2: 2.8m2 (30ft2) per unit at 6mm (1/4in)
Cove Version WUCT-COVE: 24.7 kg / 54.5 lbs
COVE Part A:2.35 kg (5.18 lbs)
COVE Part B:2.35 kg (5.18 lbs)
COVE Part C:10 kg (22.04 lbs) +
10kg (22.04 lbs) 40 mesh sand +
Thixo as needed
*Please note that the indicated mileage is calculated for flat surfaces. A porous or imperfect surface will require more material in order to cover the same mileage.
Shelf Life
Density (kg/litre) (WUCT-CSL) 12 months in original unopened factory sealed container. Keep away from extreme cold, heat, or moisture. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from fire hazards.
Protect from freezing!
Part A Part B
1.10 – 1.25 1.22 Service Temperature
Pot Life (300 g) VOC (g/L) WUCT-CSL -40⁰C (-40⁰F) min. / 120⁰C (248⁰F) max.
Application Temperature
15-20 minutes < 10 7⁰C (45⁰F) min. / 30⁰C (86⁰F) max.
Curing Schedule (WUCT-CSL)
@ 20⁰C (68⁰F) / 1/4in (6mm)
Foot Traffic 4-6 hours
Light Traffic 10-12 hours
Full cure and Chemical Resistance 5 days
*Note: Times and data mentioned are based on laboratory conditions. Field results may vary and will be affected by changing ambient conditions, especially changes in temperature and relative humidity.